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Addresses lost in the void after Craft and Commerce upgrade from 3 to 4

With the changes to addresses in Craft 4 I'm trying to do a cleanup of 80 000 addresses I have, many who does not have a valid user or commerce orders connceted to them. Trying to fetch all addresses ...
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How can I best add additional fields to the Address form during the checkout

I want my customers to enter their date of birth and place of birth during the checkout. Do I have to overwrite the Address commerce model somehow? (\craft\commerce\models\Address). Something else I ...
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Commerce: Calling unknown method error on Edit Address screen

I'm using Commerce 3.4.16, Craft 3.7.51. I'm able to enter an address as part of checkout, and I can see that address in the CP, but when I go to the edit address screen on the front end, I get this ...
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Craft Commerce 3 guest checkout flow – can't update addresses

I'm finding a guest checkout flow in Commerce 3.4.14 insanely confusing, docs aren't much help. I'm using Craft Solo and Commerce Lite. TL;DR I realize the code below is probably too complex, so even ...
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EVENT_DEFINE_ADDRESS_LINES not pushing response back to Craft Commerce

I have a plugin to reorder the address lines in Commerce. Basically to move the Phone Number to the bottom as it drives all my clients nuts. While the final array, addressLines is the correct array ...
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Craft Commerce "state" dropdown field fails to populate with states for new customer addresses

I'm having an issue with addresses on Craft Commerce 3 (specifically the State field). When a new customer adds an address, the State field defaults to a text field (not the expected Select field). If ...
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1 answer

Override "sameAddress" option when updating cart

I'm working on a new checkout process which involves taking the shipping address first. To do this I am setting sameAddress to 1 in my shippingAddress form. Then, at a later stage I want to offer ...
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Can I add a billing address while updating the cart?

I'm designing a donation form right now for what will be a Craft Commerce site, and I want to collect the donator's billing name, address, etc in the product form which adds the donation to the cart. ...
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Limit countries shown in checkout shipping to countries assigned in shipping zones settings?

Is there a way to restrict the list of countries available in the checkout shipping address select menu to the countries assigned in the shipping zones?
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How to make the shipping address and billing address the same?

I have a checkout page where a user puts in their shipping address. At the bottom is a checkmark which by default sets the shipping address to be the same as the billing address. This however does not ...
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2 answers

Craft Commerce - Edit Complete Order Address from frontend

We are trying to give our clients the ability to update an order's shipping address before the order has been actually shipped. We've created a members area where they can list their orders and ...
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1 answer

How to import user addresses?

I have an existing database full of users with their addresses. I'd like to import this into Craft (Commerce), and have their addresses saved as their billing address. The user import part is fine, I ...
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Carry address over with customer's order when creating user

When a user is created with the same email as a customer, the orders are attached to that user account. I have a Customer Info custom field attached to the Users, and that is updated to include the ...
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