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Change email transport settings based on order site

I've been trying to send Commerce emails via two different domains but I'm having very little luck getting it working fully. In app.php I have something like this: 'mailer' => function() { $...
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Alter commerce price field during feedme import

I'm importing Craft Commerce products from a third party feed using the FeedMe plugin and I would like to change the formatting/data of the price field. The API is providing the price as cents and I ...
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Craft Commerce Missing Products Tab

I've just installed the craft commerce plugin to trial it, but I'm not seeing the products tab under Commerce in the backend? Am I missing something? I'm using Craft 4.5.10. Thanks, Chris
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Addresses lost in the void after Craft and Commerce upgrade from 3 to 4

With the changes to addresses in Craft 4 I'm trying to do a cleanup of 80 000 addresses I have, many who does not have a valid user or commerce orders connceted to them. Trying to fetch all addresses ...
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Craft Commerce 4 - customer phone number/address?

i am using Craft Commerce 4 and cannot get my head around how to add a phone number to a customers address at Checkout. I have a Commerce 3 site but the code does not work. I can see how to add a ...
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After Craft CMS v4 Update: Getting unknown property: craft\models\Volume::settings

Our staging environment update to Craft v4 seemed to work fine, but now on production we're getting this error when trying to send email confirmations after successful orders (happens in the queue job)...
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How to represent member discount for Commerce products?

I'm working on a Craft Commerce project where users can register for paid events. The events have a different price for members and non-members of the organization the site belongs to. I'm not sure ...
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getDiscountByCode(): Argument #1 ($code) must be of type string, null given

I migrated to craft 4 according to the migration guide and everything went well. Steps to reproduce Migrate to craft Add something into the cart On the Cart template there is the following error on ...
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How to query variants on product relatedTo

on my new project I decided to show in the page grid variants rather than products, but I am experiencing difficulties, since I am supposed to filter the record set based on a category relation of the ...
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Craft Commerce PayPal Checkout: Error: Expected an order id to be passed

I am having big trouble getting the PayPal checkout plugin to work. I am using this code: {% namespace cart.gateway.handle|commercePaymentFormNamespace %} {{ cart.gateway....
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Set maximum quantity at the product level

I am trying to figure out a way to set a maximum quantity at the product level instead of on the individual variants. The specific use case is selling tickets to events, where my client needs to be ...
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Stripe for Craft Commerce 4: Payment Method Id cannot be blank

Followed all instructions in the Stripe for Commerce plugin docs. When submitting a payment locally and in staging environment, I get the "Payment Method Id cannot be blank" error. Yii Debug ...
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Commerce 4 Address Logic

we are trying to implement the brand new Commerce 4. We're about to release our Client's site and decided to Go ahead and migrate to Craft 4 before going live... The upgrade went pretty smooth except ...
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