Dreamhost upgraded my VPS overnight and I immediately got a 500 error. The site currently works on another Dreamhost VPS (the original below) and an Arcustech server.

After checking the error logs I'm receiving this error:

AH01215: php73.cgi: unable to extent pixel cache `No such file or directory' @ fatal/cache.c/CacheSignalHandler/3626.: /dh/cgi-system/php73.cgi

The server was upgraded from:

Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
Release:    14.04
Codename:   trusty


Distributor ID: Debian
Description:    Debian GNU/Linux 9.12 (stretch)
Release:    9.12
Codename:   stretch

I've done the following to try to resolve it

  1. Deleted composer.lock & vendor/ and reinstalled everything.
  2. Started a fresh directory and change the site to run out of that directory restarted the MySql VPS, and VPS
  3. Deleted mysqlVPS and VPS, the ordered a fresh build of both, reinstalling node, composer, etc.and rebuilding the site there

Dreamhost was ...uh...less than helpful on the matter.

Has anyone ever seen this problem?


Dreamhost was ...uh...less than helpful on the matter.

That's always been my experience with them.

Best I can tell (from https://github.com/the-paperless-project/paperless/issues/98 which has a similar error message) that error is coming from Imagick.

Whether it's a bug in Imagick (possible) or Dreamhost has misconfigured it on the VPS (more likely), it's hard to say, but either way, they should be looking into it.

  • Basically, they said they can't do anything about it. Said Imagick is installed correctly. I have the same site on 3 different servers: 1. scalecomputing.com DREAMHOST (works fine) - Imagick 3.4.3RC1 (ImageMagick 6.7.7-10) 2. scale.rocks (works fine) ARCUSTECH - Imagick 3.4.4 (ImageMagick 6.9.10-23) 3. myscale.it (500 error) DREAMHOST - Imagick 3.4.4 (ImageMagick 6.9.7-4)
    – Brandon
    Aug 17 '20 at 18:40
  • Eww... might be worth finding a new host for that site?
    – Brad Bell
    Aug 17 '20 at 22:37
  • Yea, I think I'm going to. Thanks for replying and letting me know I wasn't crazy. I saw that link you shared before creating this thread, but I just wanted to tap the community to see if they've ever had similar issues.
    – Brandon
    Aug 18 '20 at 17:22

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