I am new to Craft CMS. Please tell me about how can I save data into database in Craft?

I have searched a lot of results about my query but nothing give advantage to me.

Thanks in advance.


I suggest you to read about the Yii Query Builder

    ->insert('mytablename', array(
        'field1'    => 'foo',
        'field2'    => 'bar'

Or you can use Active Records in Craft

$record = new Record();
$record->field1 = 'foo';
$record->field2 = 'bar';

Or you can use Craft Elements (entries/categories/tags)

$entry = new EntryModel();
$attributes = [
   'section'   => $yourSectionId,
   'entryType' => $yourEntryTypeId,
   'field1'    => 'foo',
   'field2'    => 'bar'
  • Let me know if you got it Feb 23 '18 at 12:40
  • ok i will notify
    – zain
    Feb 23 '18 at 12:58

there should be execute() fn at the last to execute the sql query

->insert('mytablename', array(
    'field1'    => 'foo',
    'field2'    => 'bar'

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