I have a Craft CMS installation in which there will be other data imported into the db (via Cronjob). It's data from a Weatherstation which will be displayed without further editing in the Control Panel.

Is it possible to display this data via Twig bypassing the Control Panel all-together?

something like:

{% for entry in special.db.section('xyz') %}
  {{ entry.value }}
{% endfor %}

My first thought would be to do this via the Element API Plugin and then use JavaScript to display this data. But maybe that's not necessary?


You can create a custom plugin to fetch the data. Pluginfactory.io is a good place to create your basic files/folders. Then you'll insert this function in your PluginVariable.

public function getData($table){
    return craft()->db->createCommand()
        ->where('some Conditions)

and in your template

{% for entry in craft.pluginName.getData('xyz') %}
    {{ entry.someField }}
{% endfor %}

Note: this only works when the table prefix is the same as your craft tables. So before your from($table) Craft will automatically include a $tablePrefix (usually craft_) you can either name your custom tables craft_ as well or change the prefix before your query

$oldPrefix = craft()->db->tablePrefix;
craft()->db->tablePrefix = '';
// handle your queries
craft()->db->tablePrefix = $oldPrefix;

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