I have an existing website built with Craft CMS. I made a few changes locally and now I want to update the 'live' website. The problem is that I added a couple of fields and sections but I can't just replace the live database with the one I am currently working with locally because the content in the live database is more up to date and I don't want to override that content.

So how can I get those new fields and sections in the live/production database without losing any data in said database?

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You can always add the fields manually to the live site, works best imo if you made a limited amount of changes.

If you have made a lot of changes, a plugin like Firstborn's Migration Manager could do the trick. I have never used it personally, but it seems to do a lot of great things and uses the built-in migration system of Craft 3. Probably worth to give it a spin. There's also a Craft 2 version.


Another plugin that should do the job is Architect

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