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Payment form differences between Commerce 3 and Commerce 4 in headless application

I'm in the process of migrating Craft Commerce 3 to 4. I handle the payments forms with VueJS, and I've been struggling to understand why my paymentMethod body params were ignored after the migration. ...
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What's the differences between the Mailer and the Message classes?

In the Craft 3 Class Reference (, there are two classes under craft\mail: Mailer Message I found that I was able to send an email using this: <?php use craft\...
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What is the difference between the Translation Methods when creating a new site

I am creating a new multi-lingual site and the documentation does not explain the difference between the options in the translation method dropdown. What is different for each of these and when is it ...
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Is there simpler, less assuming Craft documentation?

I'm really struggling with understanding how Craft works at the moment. I've been started mid-way on a particular project and I just can't get my head around how Craft works. Their documentation ...
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Inline help text for entries

As a content strategist, I'm trying to take the memory and guesswork out of my client's experience while updating the site (check out this great article, "Training the CMS"). Field instructions are ...
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Where did the @property delcarations for the inbuilt services go?

I've noticed in a recent (not sure which exactly) version of Craft that the @property-read declarations for each of the inbuilt services have been dropped from /craft/app/Craft.php. This means in PHP ...
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How do you find more documentation about queries, services, plugins, etc?

So I've been having so much trouble finding adequate examples of how to do things when writing a plugin. How do you find more? (see below for my own answer)
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How to use Class Reference Classes within the Craft framework for plugin development

I am attempting to lean how to write a plugin but am having trouble knowing how to work with the Class Reference documentation. I understand all of the theory and how object oriented programs work. ...
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How are the Craft docs created?

The Craft documentation on Section Types state that they themselves are created using a Structure. Can someone explain the method they used here? What I'd really like to see is the Twig code for the ...
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Is the 'find and replace' feature (found in the control panel settings screen) documented?

I see the feature, but would like to read about what and where it finds before replacing.
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_includes/forms documentation on field types

I'm trying to find any documentation on the usable forms from {% import "_includes/forms" as forms %} so for example I have no idea what the difference is between elementSelect and select or how I ...
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Are there any plans to get Craft Docs in Dash App

I use Dash to browse docs and was wondering if there are any plans to get Crafts docs into it. If it's not too difficult I'd like to request it for the future (eventually).
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