As a content strategist, I'm trying to take the memory and guesswork out of my client's experience while updating the site (check out this great article, "Training the CMS"). Field instructions are great for that. But I'm doing some things that aren't intuitive to the user on the back end, and I want to add instructions/explanation on the affected entry types.

I think this could be effective in various places:

  1. Above the Title field
  2. In an Instructions tab
  3. Above or below the right sidebar

outside course entry type

Is there a field type that would let me just include text with no user interaction? Or a way to add instructional text to the entry interface? Bonus if I have the option to include images, links, and basic formatting too. I haven't explored plugins yet, because I'm still learning my way around Craft, but I'm open to using them.


I got it! The Sprout Notes Field plugin was what I needed. It allows HTML input with various formatting options.

course page with help text

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