First of all the control panel login is unstyled, and I'm getting Bad Request Unable to verify your data submission when trying to login to the control panel. I can login using a form on the front end, but then I find the CP is still unstyled. Using console I can see the cpresources files cannot be found by the browser - but I've checked they are there, and have file permissions set.

Any ideas???


There isn't really enough information here to give a full answer, but 'Bad Request Unable to verify your data submission' means that Craft is not getting supplied the correct CSRF token.

To confirm, try turning off CSRF protection in your config: https://craftcms.com/docs/3.x/config/config-settings.html#enablecsrfprotection

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  • I don't quite understand what is going on, but I turned off CSRF protection, then changed the cpresources to 774 all is OK. I then removed CSRF protection false from the config and still OK. (So marking your answer correct for that reason!) – Andrew Sep 30 at 7:18

I replaced cpresources from the dev environment with the original backup, and got going again. The reason seemed to be permissions - cpresources worked with 705, but not with 774.

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