I added a new Single Entry on my site and populated it with content. When I try to access it at the URL I set, it only returns a 404 error, as if the page were disabled. It's not disabled, though. I also noticed that Live Preview also doesn't show up on the right side as it usually does when I edit this page; is that somehow related?

As far as I can tell, the page should be publicly accessible by all rights. I've set the URI correctly and every other setting that I know of. When I look under All entries, it gives me a clickable URI for my page as if it should work, but when I click this link, I get an inexplicable 404.

I'm using Craft CMS 2.6.3019.

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This was occurring because I didn't have a template file for the page in question. I added it under /craft/templates/. All I had to do was copy another template used for news articles and adapt it to my specific page requirements. Then the page showed up flawlessly, as did the Live Preview button.

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