I want to create a login page. It would be a Single.

The URI is set to login. So how do I name and map the twig file?

I tried:

  • creating a login folder under templates.
  • naming the twig file either login.twig or index.twig
  • setting the template location to login/login.twig or login/index

Neither approach worked.

How do I setup a login page so that when I use requireLogin the login page is in the right location for loginPath. At the bare minimum, where is the easiest location to place the login path?

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You didn't specify Craft 2 or 3, but I'm pretty sure this answer applies to both.

The template should live at templates/login/index.twig or templates/login.twig. Craft will resolve to both of them.

I tested this on a fresh Craft Pro install and created a Single with a template path of login. There is a templates/login.twig with the login example here: https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/dev/examples/login-form.html and a templates/test.twig that only has {% requireLogin %} in it.

I logged out of Craft, then went to mysite.com/test in a browser and was successfully redirected to mysite.com/login that rendered the example login template.

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