I'm pretty new to Craft, just installed my first one. I've checked the docs, but I couldn't find any useful hints anymore and I think it should work.

I'm trying to rename the default news section to post. I changed everything admin side from news to page, but the path http://site.local/post/2016/we-just-installed-craft leads to a 404 page. The http://site.local/post page lists the entries correctly.

I also renamed the news folder in the templates to post. If I change it back to news, the 404 problem is resolved, but obviously I want to understand why it still wants to access that folder.

Sections page looks like this enter image description here

I don't have any custom route set up.

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Problem solved.

Admin was a bit confusing on the UX side, I didn't realize that edit entry types and clicking the name of the section leads to different pages.

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