I have been trying to install Craft CMS on Windows.

I tried composer:

composer create-project craftcms/craft d:\temp\craft

After that when I try to craft setup there is a loop on the console which doesn't end.

craft/setup screenshot

When I try to run craft install the same thing happens, a loop but different text!

craft/install screenshot


  • This appears to be a bug in the latest version of Craft on Windows. Will look into it and let you know.
    – Brad Bell
    Jan 30, 2020 at 0:47

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My guess is you're running PHP 7.4.0. I could reproduce it on 7.4.0 on Windows, but when I updated to PHP 7.4.2, the issue went away.

This appears to be a PHP 7.4.0 bug on Windows as evidenced by this Github issue for Yii: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/issues/17782

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