At the moment I'm working on my first Craft CMS project. There I have two different locales that share the same assets folder.

The assets can be seen and used between the different locales but when I try to search I only get results in one locale. This is strange because they show up in the full list when selecting that locale.

Any tips? Did I miss a certain setting?


This is a known bug on Craft 2 that has been resolved in the upcoming Craft 3 release. Here's the original Github issue: https://github.com/craftcms/cms/issues/17

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  • Hi Brad, is there any way this fix can be backported to Craft 2? – James Smith Sep 11 '17 at 15:25
  • Unlikely... the fix was part of a much larger refactoring. – Brad Bell Sep 11 '17 at 19:02

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