I'm currently finishing a client-website which has to be 100% valid HTML5. For one of the sections, I am using a matrix containing rich-text fields. This content is simply shown on the front page. The name of the client is "E&K".


  • The output contains HTML tags.
  • The output has to be 100% valid HTML.

Problem: The & character won't be escaped to & wherever it is outputted. This breaks the valid requirement. It seems the problem is the input, not the output. However the rich text editor keeps replacing manually placed & with &

How can I get this to work correctly?

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You could use Twig's replace filter on output:

{{ entry.richtext_field_handle|replace('&': '&') }}

At first glance I couldn't find a Redactor setting which would help you, but you might want to check yourself, or even write a Redactor plugin.

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I finally found a way to do that using the "TwigPCRE" Craft plugin:

|preg_replace('/&(?!(?:[a-z]+|#x?\d+);)/', '&')|raw

This will replace all unescaped & characters which are not part of something else.

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You don't have to escape the ampersand for it to be valid html5, and if it's appearing in content, not in a URL for example, then you really have nothing to worry about.

This validates:

<!doctype html>

enter image description here

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