I have a rich text output section I want to limit to specific number of characters or words. So user able preview the blog post and link to the full blog. I try entry.body|slice(0, 100) ~ '...'. But it slice of my html tag and display html code in front end.


No need for a plugin, just use twig's slice filter, combined with the striptags filter.

I've thrown in the default filter for good measure, in case the body is empty for some reason.

{{ entry.body|striptags|slice(0,100)|default('Read more') }}...

slice will simply output the first 100 characters (starting at 0 the first character), including spaces into the template. striptags ensures that no html tags will be output.


I found a plugin to solve this.

Which is use this plugin. https://github.com/ehousestudio/craft_hacksaw


Looks like you can extend twig with extensions. I have not tried this, but I found this extension which preserves HTML.


I think you have to create a plugin to use it. A fast way is to follow by example on this one perhaps: https://github.com/lukeholder/craft-inflect


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