We launched a website last week based on Craft CMS. One page contains mainly a list with links to sponsors (entered in a rich text field).

I make a fulltext search (via $critera->search) through the whole website, that works very fine, but it just didn't find the link texts inside a rich text field. (e.g. "Ascot", http://www.unidram.de/en/festival/partner-sponsors)

If I put the same text outside of the link, the search will find it. But that's not the solution, because the text should be the link.

I made a workaround and added Tags for every link to the page (except above given example). That did the job, but is additional work we won't normally do.

At first I clicked on "rebuild the search index".

The search on the website didn't find the page. This is the template part of the search:

{% set query = craft.request.getPost('q') %}
{% set entries =  
 craft.entries.search(query).section('seitenstruktur').order('score') %}

Then I searched for 'Ascot' in craft_searchindex in the DB.

Part of the content of the related field is this:

performance netzuniversitaetsgesellschaft potsdam sponsorenhochdreiascot bristolmedienpartnerpotsdamer neueste nachrichten

While the content looks like this:


So in fact the word 'Ascot' is saved as part of 'sponsorenhochdreiascot'. As soon as I change it to 'sponsorenhochdrei ascot', the entry will be found by the search on the website.

The HTML Code of the part is:

<p><a target="_blank" href="http://www.domainx.com/">HochDrei</a><br>
<a target="_blank" href="http://www.domainy.de/">Ascot 

The search index seems to miss some space characters.

  • Can you share the code you're using to search with? RTE fields get their data saved to craft_searchindex just like any other textual field. You can find the field ID for the field you're searching against and find the corresponding row in craft_searchindex to verify ascot is in the search data. – Brad Bell Sep 25 '15 at 22:17
  • I made further tests. please sea the edited question, because comments just allow mini markdown formatting. – phaetons Sep 27 '15 at 13:46

The reason that searching for Ascot doesn't match sponsorenhochdreiascot is because Craft doesn't do wildcard or fuzzy searching by default.

If you search for *ascot it would match. You can all of the supported search syntaxes here: http://buildwithcraft.com/docs/searching

Update: As of Craft 2.5, you can enable fuzzy searching by default.

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  • oahahh, damn. Sometimes one didnt see the simplest things. Thanks Brad! – phaetons Sep 28 '15 at 6:37

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