I've written a plugin that stores records in it's own table. I can see that the dateCreated and dateUpdated fields are stored in UTC.

When I want to display them in a CP template, I'm using populateModel and my model contains 'dateCreated' => AttributeType::DateTime.

If I output this with {{ entry.dateCreated|dateTime }} then I'm still getting UTC time and not BST (the Timezone in Settings).

If I use {{ entry.dateCreated|date('d M Y H:i', 'Europe/London') }} then it's correct.

Is there any way to get the date with the correct timezone set automatically?

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It's a bit confusing at the moment (should be cleaner in the upcoming Craft 3), but for now, if you use {{ entry.dateCreated|date }}, it should take the timezone into account and display the correct time.

  • Thanks Brad, it is a bit confusing. I was originally using the {{ entry.dateCreated|datetime }} filter which shows UTC. If I use {{ entry.dateCreated|date('d M Y H:i') }} then I get the local output.
    – Ant Cooper
    Commented Sep 15, 2016 at 9:46

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