I'm trying to construct a fairly simple LIKE query using the Query Builder, and I'm struggling. Here's the SQL that I want:

SELECT `id` FROM `craft_somecustomtable` WHERE ((`somecolumn` LIKE '%foo%') OR (`somecolumn` LIKE '%bar%'))

I've ran the above query in Sequel, with results.

For the Query Builder, here's what I've got so far:

$query = craft()->db->createCommand();
    'somecolumn' => 'LIKE %foo%',
    'somecolumn' => 'LIKE %bar%',

This produces the following query, which obviously doesn't work as intended:

SELECT `id` FROM `craft_somecustomtable` WHERE ((`somecolumn`='LIKE %foo%') OR (`somecolumn`='LIKE %bar%'))

I've also tried adding the LIKE directive like this:

    'somecolumn LIKE' => '%bar%',

This produces an error, however.


Just before posting the question, I had the good mind to read the Yii CDbCommand docs again, and I figured this out myself:


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