I am trying to build a leaderboard page, and I'm having difficulties finding a way to group the entries by Author.

I was able to create a plugin to get the sql sum function in there, but I now need to add a group by Author and order by Score DESC to that.

First steps were taken from here: Ability to SUM() or GROUP BY from the template or ElementCriteriaModel

What I ultimately want is a query that would look like this (very simplified of course):

SELECT author, SUM(content.score) as score FROM content Group By Author Order By score DESC

Is there a way to do this "natively" or do I need to write my own query?


Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I created this little function in a Variable class. I get all the necessary info (username and score) in an array. Works fine for what I needed.

public function leaderboard(ElementCriteriaModel $criteria)
       $query = craft()->elements->buildElementsQuery($criteria);

   if ($query)
          ->select("authorId, SUM(field_score) as score, users.username as username")
          ->join("users", "users.id = authorId" )
          ->order("score DESC");

               return $query->queryAll();

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