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Have a look at the Parsedown plugin by P&T, it provides a line mode to not output any wrapping <p> tags. {{ entry.title|parsedown('line') }}


If you're here looking for a Craft 3 answer, the Wordsmith plugin offers the same ability to only parse inline and not include paragraph tags: {{ entry.title|markdown(inlineOnly=true) }}


You can use the Redactor Inline Styles add-on then use the following in your Redactor json config: "plugins": ["source","fullscreen","inlinestyles"], "buttonsAddAfter": "italic", "buttonsAdd": { "cite": { "title": "Cite", "args": ["cite"] } } You'll then be able to add a cite element within a blockquote ...


You're currently fetching an array of categories even if there's only one it, I think. You either need to loop through the array or try replacing this: {% set categories = craft.categories.relatedTo(entry) %} with this: {% set category = craft.categories.relatedTo(entry).first %} Alternatively, you could scrap the category conditional altogether and use ...


Craft uses Redactor as its rich text editor - Redactor has numerous configuration options, one of which is direct html editing. One option would be to create a new Redactor configuration that includes the 'html' button. For example, You could copy Craft's "Standard" Config: { "buttons": ["format","bold","italic","lists","link","file","horizontalrule"], "...

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