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Section: dynamic Entry URI Format

My solution works, but I seem to have some caching issues ... so I'm unsure weather my solution is useful or not? Entry URI Format of Section (Channel): {{}}/{slug} ...
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Can't reference custom field in Section's Entry URI Format

Craft 3.7.33 I've got a channel Section called "Stories", and a plain text custom field, subTitle, which I want to use in the Entry URI Format. Right now, that is stories/{slug}. When I ...
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Best way to redirect old URLs

It has been recommended to me to change our URL structure from: to where the variable may be two segments. Is this something Retour can do, or ...
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Nested categories URI format on entries

I have a Category Group that can be 3 levels deep. Each category has its own page and its URI structure appends each category as you go deeper, like so: {parent ? parent.uri : 'root-uri' }/{slug} ...
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Localization for "Home" site (eg" results in 403 — Forbidden

I have set up a multilingual site in Craft CMS and the localization (via url-slug eg. .../de/...) works on all pages. However, on the home site (index.twig) this leads to an error message "403 - ...
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nested sections

how can i achieve the following result? i have a structured section called products like /hardware/apple/iPhone which gets the template /templates/productpage.twig now i need need to load a different ...
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How to remove something from the slug/url

I got entries in the folder /cms/web/videos/ and the url display this: I want it to be this: How do I create ...
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Section URI format deprecation error

I'm using the following URI format of a channel {slug}-{}-{locations.last().slug}-{} It throws a deprecation error caused by locations.last() however when I ...
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