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Craft queue keeps sticking despite 1GB memory allocation

I keep seeing a Craft 3 site with queue sticking and clearing the cache doesn't clear it. I have been thru plugins fixed some errors and now it all comes down to same issues: PHP Fatal error: ...
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Deleting stale template stuck fatal memory error

So all my background tasks Craft 3.2.6 seem to process ok except deleting stale template caches. Although craft is supposed to fail after 5 minutes, it fails instantly and the error log shows ...
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1 answer

In Craft 3, how to clear stuck "Deleting Stale Template Caches"

I've got 12 pending tasks, and can't get rid of the first stuck one. CP->Utilities->Clear Caches doesn't seem to help. In the database, in craft_queue there were five rows, the first one ...
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Queue Exec Time

Please see the attached screenshot. On heavy tasks the queue is cancelled. Where do I set the timeout or remove it completely?
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Resaving Entries hitting a mysterious memory limit

I renamed a channel section and Craft (2.6.3012) is trying to resave all the entries therein (about 500 entries, many with up to 10 localized versions). I'm constantly getting this error (in /craft/...
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How can I troubleshoot why my queue of tasks in stuck in Craft 3?

I have a series of tasks lined up in the queue to run but they are just marking one as in progress and then sitting there and not executing. I have tried updating the DB table "queue" by doing the ...
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1 answer

DeleteStaleTemplateCaches stalled tasks

I have a dev site that I'm working on with around 1000 entries - mainly text content. I keep seeing "DeleteStaleTemplateCaches" stalled tasks come up - many times stacking 6-8 sets of similar stuck ...
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Why when a task is marked as “Stalled” the following tasks can't automatically processed?

This is annoying to have to click on “Try again” to unlock the queued tasks. This could leads to dozen and dozen of stucked tasks that usually could be processed without any problem (like the ...
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What's the function of the Stalled Tasks menu option?

Just wondering... What is the function of the Stalled Tasks menu option? What is it supposed to do when clicking on it? Is it normal for it to be there... all the time? Is it normal for the browser ...
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