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FB and IG for Embedded Assets plugin

I installed the Embedded Assets and its working nice so far for Youtube and Twitter. I can able to save youtube video and tweets as an asset but for Facebook and Instagram, it needed to be logged in. ...
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Deprecated Warning: safeHtml

I'm getting a Deprecated Warning on the property safeHtml: The embedded asset property safeHtml is now deprecated. Use a combination of the isSafe() method and the code property instead. This is ...
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Get all craft.embeddedAssets

I'm new to using craft cms and have been using this site to answer several questions. I decided I should give back. I have been using the Embedded Assets plugin but could not figure out the "for loop" ...
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Craft “Embedded Assets” Plug-in didn't save Embed in selected Asset Volume in CP

i have 3 asset volumes in my craft install (3.1.5). If i want to create an embedded asset(Embedded Assets Plugin 1.0.2) in the first volume (CP) in my volume List than it appears in the second. Every ...
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Calling unknown method: craft\web\twig\variables\CraftVariable::embeddedAssets()

I get this message while trying to access embedded Asset with the plugin Embedded Assets 1.0.2: Calling unknown method: craft\web\twig\variables\CraftVariable::embeddedAssets() I was fiddling around ...
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Using Embedded Assets Plugin With Element API

When using the Element API, how do you go about using the Embedded Assets plugin? With a regular asset, in the API transformer you can pull out assets and include them like this: 'transformer' => ...
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Instructions for Using Craft "Embedded Assets" Plug-in?

I'm trying to use the "Embedded Assets" Craft plug-in to embed Youtube videos in my content, but I can't figure it out. I've read through the instructions on the Github page, and I've looked at other ...
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How can I use the Embedded assets plugin to save assets on the front-end?

I am using the Embedded Assets plugin to get YouTube videos and its working great within the CP. I am able to show the asset(s) on my page by using {{ embed.safeHtml|raw }} Which works great. I'm ...
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