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can't figure out how to embed youtube videos

My video embeds are working but they are way too small. I've read around in circles how to do this but it's not working. I have a field called videoUrl (it's a URL field). I'm using Video Embedder ...
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How can I configure Craft security so that my site can be embedded in an iframe?

Context I'm embedding a specific "contact us" page from our marketing site into our web application using an iframe. Our marketing site is the primary domain, while the web application ...
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I need to embed some forms into a new site

We are moving to a new Craft site and we have some forms that live on our form server. I am wanting to embed these forms into the appropriate pages. There is a PHP file that I can download that looks ...
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2 answers

pass block into embed and forward to another embed?

I'm trying to achieve some modularity using embeds, but with the possiblity to extend/inject customizations from the including template. Consider the following scenario: Have a modular partial ...
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Embedding video using Craft 3 'Video Embedder' plugin

In the example from the documentation on Craft 3 'Video Embedder' plugin: {% set embed = craft.videoEmbedder.getEmbedUrl('') %} {% if embed | length %} ...
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YouTube embeds playing wrong videos

I have two modals with embedded video on this page… Everything was working fine until I started converting the HTML to Craft templates, but now they are not ...
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1 answer

Trouble with Twig `embed` tag

I'm trying to embed the sidebar and define which blocks to display. {% embed "_partials/sidebar" %} {% block instagram %}{% endblock %} {% block subscribe %}{% endblock %} {% endembed %} ...
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How can I embed an iframe on my site?

How can I embed an iframe on my site? I tried pasting the iframe code in the HTML section and it didn't appear.
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2 votes
1 answer

Instructions for Using Craft "Embedded Assets" Plug-in?

I'm trying to use the "Embedded Assets" Craft plug-in to embed Youtube videos in my content, but I can't figure it out. I've read through the instructions on the Github page, and I've looked at other ...
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Set Parent Template Defined Content to Output in Child Template

I have a layout template, we'll call that Template A that is extended by another template, we'll call that Template B that includes another template, we'll call that Template C that includes another ...
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