Feel like I'm going crazy here...

I've got this snippet of code.

I find my entry based on title key/value.

I find my category ids based on alcohol key/value.

I attempt to set the entry category relation and save.

I get no errors. But nothing is saved either.

I've found other similar questions but nothing is working.

Need a fresh pair of eyes...

    $entriesWithAlcohol = [
                    'title' => 'Jupiter Hotel + NEXT',
                    'alcohol' => ['byo', 'byo-with-corkage-fee'],
            foreach ($entriesWithAlcohol as $entryWithAlcohol) {
                $entry = \craft\elements\Entry::find()->title(\craft\helpers\Db::escapeParam($entryWithAlcohol['title']))->one();
                if ($entry) {
                    $categoryIds = [];
                    foreach ($entryWithAlcohol['alcohol'] as $alcoholValue) {
                        $category = \craft\elements\Category::find()->slug(\craft\helpers\Db::escapeParam($alcoholValue))->one();
                        if ($category) {
                            $categoryIds[] = $category->id;
                    $entry->setFieldValue('alcoholWip', $categoryIds);
                    if (Craft::$app->elements->saveElement($entry)) {
                        Craft::info('Entry updated (ID: '.$entry->id.').');
                    } else {
                        Craft::error('Could not updated the entry (ID: '.$entry->id.').', LogLevel::Error);
$entry->setFieldValue('alcoholWip', array_values($categoryIds));

Forgot to use array_values to pass in the values only, not the key/value pairs.

See, I told you I was going crazy!!

  • Glad you got it sorted. Hi from PDX! 🌹 Oct 2 at 6:52

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