I have an entry form to take user generated content.

The section it passes the info to has a customised title format Submission ID: {id}

However, when the entry gets submitted, the title in the CP (and indeed in the templates) just show as Submission ID:

It's not until the entry is re-saved at the control panel level (although I haven't tried a front end edit form) that the appropriate id shows e.g. Submission ID: 12465

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That would be the same behavior for using {id} in the title format for new entries created in the control panel as well.

The problem with {id} is that's not known until the entry is already saved to the database since it's a database generated number. That's why it's empty for new entries but re-saving the entry will cause it to appear.

The easiest thing to do would be to generate a unique ID from the template and save it to a custom field on the entry.

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