I am probably doing something daft here, but tried multiple things to no resolution. I trying to find if a value is in an array but my test case doesn't match.

{% if entry.applicationStatus == 'submitted' %}{% endif %}   # matches ok             
{% if entry.applicationStatus in ['submitted'] %}{% endif %} # doesn't match

The array check in the above case doesn't match. entry.applicationStatus is a dropdown menu. I will want to check for multiple values which is why I want to check if it is in an array.

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I've bumped into this a few times. It's because entry.fieldHandleName when used on a field type with multiple options (dropdowns/radios etc) is in fact a magic shortcut for entry.fieldHandleName.value. You can see this if you dump out the variable to the screen: <pre>{{ dump(entry.applicationStatus) }}</pre>.

So, you need to append .value on to the end: {% if entry.applicationStatus.value in ['submitted'] %}{% endif %}

  • Ah - makes perfect sense. Thanks!
    – mmc501
    Commented Jun 21, 2021 at 8:54

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