I'm keen to set my image variants dynamically from content editor and not quite sure how I do this in twig.

I have three variants. They are named imageVariantsThumb, imageVariants16by9, and imageVariants3by2 in craft.

To render the variant on the image I use the following.

{% set optimizedImages = item.itemImage.one().imageVariantsThumb %}

Depending on the dropdown selected in the editor (say the values are thumb, 16by9 and 3by2) I want to change the variant name in this line of code. How do I use the value from my drop-down field to change the variant name on the end of the code above?

I have tried defining a variable using the value and replacing imageVariantsThumb above but it doesn't work:

{% if block.listImageRatio == '16by9' %}
  {% set imageRatio = 'imageVariants16by9' %}
{% endif %}

{% set optimizedImages = item.itemImage.one().imageRatio %}

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So instead of using the dot syntax ., this would be a good place to use the subscript syntax [].

{# dot syntax #}
{{ foo.bar }}

{# subscript syntax #}
{{ foo['bar'] }}

When you use the subscript syntax to access a variable's attributes, you can safely use variables (by just removing the single quotes surrounding the attribute).

{% set bar = 'helloWorld' %}
{{ foo[bar] }}
{# functions just like foo.helloWorld #}

So for your example, you would do this:

{% if block.listImageRatio == '16by9' %}
    {% set imageRatio = 'imageVariants16by9' %}
{% endif %}

{% set optimizedImages = item.itemImage.one()[imageRatio] %}

(Twig docs)


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