I have a custom plugin where I get a freeform submission by token. I woud like to change a value in this submission and resave the submission. When I try this the old form data gets overwritten.

$submission = Freeform::getInstance()->submissions->getSubmissionByToken($submissionToken);

$submission->setFormFieldValues(['customField' => $customFieldValue]);

// method 1, doesn't accept type submission, should be form     
// method 2, old data get's overwritten, current submissiontoken changes

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It looks like setFormFieldValues() has an optional second parameter related to overriding values...

public function setFormFieldValues(array $values, bool $override = true)

So, changing...

$submission->setFormFieldValues(['customField' => $customFieldValue]);

... to...

$submission->setFormFieldValues(['customField' => $customFieldValue], false);

may help with the override issue.

  • Yes, this was the solution. I already had found this answer myself. No idea how I missed it. Thanks for your reply.
    – bartpulse
    Commented Mar 1, 2021 at 8:42

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