I'm needing to get the unique entry submission amount for a value.

Example: Item1, Item2, Item1, Item3, Item1

Would return: 3

I was able to use the workaround here Search/Filter Freeform submissions by field value to get the specific submission amount but only wanting to know the number of unique submission values.

Can anyone help?

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Looks like there's a Craft 2 plugin that exposes PHP's array_unique method to Twig.

So to continue on the example you linked to, it would be something like this with that plugin installed:

{# Initiate the hash in which we'll store matching submissions. #}
{% set matchingSubmissions = [] %}

    Loop through all submissions, checking if the specified field
    matches the desired value.
{% for submission in submissions if submission.fieldWithValue == '123' %}

    {# If the field matches, add it to the hash #}
    {% set matchingSubmissions = matchingSubmissions|merge([submission.fieldWithValue]) %}

{% endfor %}

{# Count the size of the resulting hash and save it. #}
{% set totalUniques = matchingSubmissions|unique|length %}

You could also add andWhere to your query. Look to the table 'freeform_fields' for the field who you want to use for the query end remember the id of the field. In the table 'freeform_submissions' look to the field names an look to field_[rememberd_id]

field__21 is in my case a hidden field for an entryId to show all submissions related to an entry.

for example:

{% set submissions = craft.freeform.submissions({
    form: 'formName',
    status: ["open"],
}).andWhere('field_21 =' ~ entry.id) %}

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