I am very new to craft. installed craft3 very long ago, as a beginner, and trying to solve a long-lasted-issue with my url.

my goal:

My directory structure looks as below. As you can see, I installed craft only under public_html/mywebsite.com. I cannot move the files in /mywebsite.com into /public_html folder.

I researched and tried to follow this article however quiet unsure with the different folder structure I have. Just in case I moved index.html file to the /mywebsite.com root, and at least forbidden error was gone while only blanc page was loaded. I had the feeling that I could do something with index.php file to redefine('CRAFT_BASE_PATH', dirname(__DIR__));. However also not sure what to write..

Thanks a lot for your help in advance! my directory structure

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This knowledge base article on moving Craft’s files below the webroot should help you.


The easiest way to do this would be to change the domains root directory from ../public_html to ../public_html/web, so that only the "web" directory is accessible from outside. This is also recommendable from a security standpoint.

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