craftcms/cms 3.3.9 requires ext-zip * -> the requested PHP extension zip is missing from your system.


I am running on MAMP Pro 5.3. Currently using PHP 7.3.3 (but previous versions had the same issue). Mac OS Catalina. I do not seem to be able to get ext-zip on my machine, and thusly not use many of the updated craft installs.

Attempted Solutions:

Install for macOS


Install in MAMP


cd /{php ext path}
pecl install zip
php --re zip | grep zip // version 1.15.4

(terminal php is set to mamp version)

# php7.3.3.ini (I also tried extension=zip.so)
; If you wish to have an extension loaded automatically, use the following
; syntax:
;   extension=modulename

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None of various attempts to get ext-zip going under Catalina had worked for me, including the above, but here’s what did, with thanks to Chad for showing the essence of the issue:

“the Craft system report is looking at MAMP's php info, whereas composer is looking at the system php info, which didn't have zip installed.”

…and then Brian for what worked for me:

“run composer on the command line specifically against the MAMP version of PHP”

Like this:

/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/<phpX.X>/bin/php </path/to/composer> create-project craftcms/craft </path/to/project-folder>

In my case:

  • <phpX.X> is php7.3.3
  • </path/to/composer> is /usr/local/bin/composer

The issue was due to a path problem. Path was set to


but should have been


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