I am trying to set up SMTP emails using Microsoft 365 and the settings are not working so I need to dig into the logs to find out why.

When I go to find the folder it is not there. Instead I have a /craft/storage/logs/ folder but this does not seem to contain the file containing email test logs - [exception.Craft\EmailTestException]

I have tried turning dev mode on to see if that changed the logs I was getting, and it does, but I am still not getting the logs I need.


Looks like that article needs to be updated for Craft 3.

In Craft 3, the logs folder is at storage/logs and you can search for [error] and find the one related to email sending.

  • Thanks Brad, found what I am looking for. The locating error logs article also needs to be updated!
    – user9677
    May 3 '19 at 8:34

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