I am just getting to grips with Craft CMS and am finding the Contact Form plugin tricky to use. I have built a reasonable site structure, figured how fields, sections, etc work at a relatively basic level and have produced a one-for-all template so far in the templates/ root folder. But the form eludes me.

I have added the contact form example from https://github.com/craftcms/contact-form to the main template at present, and this shows on my /contact/ page. However, the submission of the form returns an error as follows:

Template not found: contact/thanks

I would assume I need to make a section/entry for the contact/thanks page? So I have now done that. The form submits but just goes to a blank page at contact/thanks even though I have created content on that entry. It's not drawing any of the data items specified in the Twig template.

It also does not send an email. I have implemented and tested the Settings > Email webserver details successfully. But all submissions are being collated in the "Form Submissions" area (Contat Form Extensions plugin).

I note that the form has no action, but the hidden field below exists:

<input type="hidden" name="action" value="contact-form/send">

Do I need to create a page for contact-form/send too? I have clearly made the naive assumption that the plugin would sort the sendmail part but some action is required on my part.

Sorry, I'm a noob. Guidance appreciated.

I would assume I need to make a section/entry for the contact/thanks page?

Not necessarily. You could just make a templates/contact/thanks.html file and that would resolve. You can also change that value to whatever you want:

{{ redirectInput('neato') }}

And you'd put a templates/neato.html file in place it would load.

Do I need to create a page for contact-form/send too?

I'm not familiar with the Contact Form Extensions plugin, but if the submissions are making it into the database, then that contact-form/send controller endpoint is probably being hit properly.

If your email settings are working properly under Settings->Email in the Control Panel (you can test with the "Test" button), then there can be other reasons why emails aren't being delivered you could check:



  • Hmm, I'm obviously missing something. Without an entry with slug contact/thanks then the page just returns an error Variable "entry" does not exist. But still it doesn't draw any content from the entry. Whether I use the default template or one specific to that page. – WWD Nov 9 at 1:23
  • Also, when the contact form is submitted the first time, it also shows "Variable "entry" does not exist." for the first entry item in the (default/root) template. The page URL is /contact/ not contact/thanks. Reloading the page takes me to the blank, but correctly templated page with url contact/thanks. Only globals are populated in the template. A submission is recorded for both the first page load and the Confused. – WWD Nov 9 at 1:29

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