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contact-form human readable E-Mail template

I use contact-form plugin together with contact-form-extensions to create a human-readable E-Mail. I've gotten so far: ------ <br> <p> {{ submission.fromName }} <br> {{ submission....
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Contact form submission type in Contact Form Extensions

I have a site with three forms that use P&Ts Contact Form plugin. My client now wants the submissions to be visible in the backend and have a 'download to CSV' if possible. I was looking into the ...
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contact form plugin conditional notification emails

I would like to be able to use case or if statements to include templates for the notification email, as overridden by the contact form extension plugin. However, no matter what I've tried, the first ...
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Contact Form Extensions - Checkbox Templating

Cannot for the life of me get checkbox values to display in a HTML email template using the Contact Form extensions plugin. Form snippet: <input type="hidden" name="message[type]" value=""> &...
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Email template issue

I'm using Rias500/craft-contact-form-extensions plugin for creating custom email confirmation templates, and it works great but when I try to override the template (because I need confirmation emails ...
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Contact Form Setup on Craft CMS

I am just getting to grips with Craft CMS and am finding the Contact Form plugin tricky to use. I have built a reasonable site structure, figured how fields, sections, etc work at a relatively basic ...
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Email template issue Craft Contact Form Extensions

I am using Contact Form Extensions plugin for setting up custom notification email template but not sure what tag would be used for additional ...
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