The currentUser.unverifiedEmail variable, which is public, is always empty on front end even after email change.

I thought it was a bug. I contacted Craft support about this, and here is Brad's answer:

That's expected behavior... the default UserQuery (which is what {{ currentUser }} is) only grabs a small subset of columns in it's select to avoid exposing potentially sensitive user account information throughout the system. https://github.com/craftcms/cms/blob/develop/src/elements/db/UserQuery.php#L310-L325

If you want anything outside of that, you'll have to query for the data directly.

I tried this custom query: {{ craft.users.id(currentUser.id).one().unverifiedEmail }}. But even after requesting an email change, the value remain empty.

Any idea how to make this query from Twig?

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You need to select the value

{% set user = craft.users
{{ user.unverifiedEmail }}

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