it is possible to do like this:

$users = Entry::find()
  ->or group('admin')

So in database level,the sql will go like this:

select * from users
  where users.userLevel > 3 or users.group='admin'

Many many thanks!!


Yes but not like you tried it. You have to work on Yii2 level and not with Crafts Query

// prefix for content column tables
// if you want to select fields in the field layout do
// $prefix . 'fieldHandle'
$prefix = Craft::$app->getContent()->contentTable . '.' . Craft::$app->getFields()->oldFieldColumnPrefix; 

$user = User::find()
        new OrCondition(
            ['>','users.userLevel', 3],
            ['=', 'users.group', 'admin'] 

However: keep in mind this SQL will likely produce errors because there is neither a users.group column nor a users.userLevel column in the database

Just as an example for more complex search:

$prefix = Craft::$app->getContent()->contentTable . '.' . Craft::$app->getFields()->oldFieldColumnPrefix;
$criteria = [
    'where'     => new OrCondition(
                $prefix . 'startDate',
            new AndCondition(

                    ['=', $prefix . 'recurring', 1],
                    ['<=', $prefix . 'startDate', $startDateDb->format('Y-m-d H:i:s')]
    'orderBy'   => ['startDate' => SORT_ASC],
    'sectionId' => 10,

$query = Entry::find();
\Craft::configure($query, $criteria);
  • Thank you. But I know nothing about Yii, so in this way, how can I use relatedTo function? – yu xia May 3 '18 at 22:04
  • You have to join the relation table and check if a value exists with your criteria. You can perform a simple query to see what Craft does. Entry::find()->relatedTo(1)->getRawSql() – Robin Schambach May 3 '18 at 23:04

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