Want to add page number to title and meta description because I have a lot of duplicates. Could you tell me how I can do it?

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    What's a "page number" (the entry ID?) and where do you want to add this? To the entries' titles when they are saved, or in a template when the entries are rendered? Sep 25 '17 at 22:51

You'll need to add more details about your current setup for a more specific answer.

In general, adding a number to the Meta Title and Meta Description is probably not a good approach to solve your problem of duplicates. Search engines score your page based on how relevant your content is. Adding a number, unless it has some meaning (perhaps a date for an event, tax form number, or 241543903), is just going to be noise and not help your page rank in any meaningful way.

Consider what other data you have in your posts. Can you add the name of a category some items are in? Can you add the name of a User that posted the content? Often there is a way to take a generic page and add a second dimension of data to make it more meaningful.

Generic Name - Category 1 - Site Name
Generic Name - Category 2 - Site Name

Alternatively, if the pages really are not meaningful, consider pointing search engines to a more meaningful canonical URL. For example, if you have a paginated index page, sometimes all the secondary pages will appear to have the same metadata.

In these cases you can add the canonical meta tag to point back to the primary page as the one that should be recognized by search engines.

https://website.com/section (points to self with metadata)

https://website.com/section/2 (points to main section page with metadata)
<link rel="canonical" href="https://website.com/section" />

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