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Migrating from CraftCMS to Wordpress (Metadata question)

My company is working to migrate 7 websites into a single integrated website. However as we are migrating this with our CMS partner we are seeing that no metatitles and metadata are being transferred ...
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Save metadata on entry without creating a corresponding field

I am trying to add a seeded:true flag to dummy entries seeded during development, so I can automatically weed (delete) them later when I'm ready to save the actual live content. I know I can create a ...
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Put SEO and Twitter card Meta tags in the Head section prior the render of the template

I need to put some <meta /> tags in the <head /> section of the html document prior the rendering of the template. I would like to know how can I achieve this? I also need to query an ...
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Search results home page title not showing properly but other pages do?

Usually Google search results shows the <title> value as the title on the results, but with a CraftCMS website it shows the websites name with a colon and removes the last segment? I've checked ...
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An SEO software tool says 'keywords' meta tag is obsolete

Can anyone tell me where on the Craft dashboard I can correct this and upload new keywords?
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Does a programmer have to creates meta tags? I'm the end user (not a programmer)

I didn't create our website but it's been set up for me and I just use the CMS that was created for me. Now, I'm being alerted by all kinds of website graders that I need meta tags created. I know ...
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How to set title in layout template from content template

So, I'm using the standard template system that comes with craft, which has this code in it: <main {% if craft.request.getSegment(1) != "" %}id="content"{% endif %}{% if craft.request....
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Add page number to Title and meta desc

Want to add page number to title and meta description because I have a lot of duplicates. Could you tell me how I can do it?
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Displaying the Meta Description

I am new to Craft. Do I need to change any files to display the Description that I have set up for ? Many thanks, Mike
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Access optimizedTitle field within Twig template

I'm trying to access the value set for my optimized title within Sprout SEO. I've had a read through this page:
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Meta are moved to body

I am getting some global entries from the CMS that I want to use as meta-tags content. When I load the page I see in the inspection that the meta-tags are moved inside the body. When I remove the ...
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How to control the format of an asset's Title

Is there any way to control the formatting of an asset's title that is created from the filename on upload? At the moment, if you uploaded a file called Craft-CMS.pdf it would create the title as ...
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How do I define an entry's META description?

I'd really like some help with Craft CMS, that's probably a very basic thing to achieve, but I've so far got no idea how to. In another post about SEO, I saw something like this written: <meta ...
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Duplicate meta descriptions when category has multiple pages

Does anyone know how to solve the problem of duplicate meta descriptions appearing when a category has multiple pages? For example: Category: Telephones Pages: 5 pages All 5 pages end up with the ...
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