Is it possible to have an "entries" field but only allow selection to entries of a specific "entry type" within craft?

I'm trying to use entry types as a sort of way to enable interfaces with chunks of content. Requiring specific fields for one type of content and different fields for another type of content.

I realize I could create many channels and accomplish the same thing, but these data structures are similar in a lot of respects with only minor differences (which are important depending on the context they are going to be rendered). So I would prefer to have an overarching channel with several types.

  • For example. We have promoted content on a page. That promoted content could be a promoted video|image|page|external site etc. Rather than having 4 different channels for each of these I was hoping for a "promos" channel which has all these as entry types. And I would like to be able to create a field called promotedVideos which allows the user to select all promoted videos without having to work through the clutter of promoted pages | images etc. May 5, 2017 at 19:53

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Probably too late for you, OP, but the Entries Subset plugin for Craft 3 lets you do this and more.

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