I have this code to save a new user onto a userfield on another user:

    $employees   = $currentUser->employees->ids();
    $employees[] = $employee->id;
    $currentUser->getContent()->setAttributes(['employees' => $employees]);
    if (!craft()->users->saveUser($currentUser))

Which works fine, however if there's a pending user in the employees field it's not returned in the ids() array. How do I get all user ids from the employees field, not just active users?

Edit: got it:

    $employees   = $currentUser->employees->status('*')->ids();
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    Can you add your solution as an official answer, @billythekid? – Brad Bell Jan 20 '17 at 20:24

To mark this as answered, my solution was to use this code to get the current employee IDs regardless of status.

$employees   = $currentUser->employees->status('*')->ids();

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