What is the preferred method to remove an empty tag from the content of a rich text element?

Example result:

  Lorem<a href="…"></a> ipsum

When editing text in the WYSIWYG editor (Redactor) the result can contain empty anchor tags. This is a problem when navigating the page with the tab key, for instance, because the user can not see the focus anymore.

How can I automatically remove those artefacts?

  • one way is to allow HTML in the redactor config and check it over for these things, but that's not great or automatic. You could do something like *:empty{display:none} in the css but that's not great either (as a workmate of mine said, that's just sweeping the turd under the rug) Jan 13, 2017 at 15:56

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I ended up using this solution:

Filter empty tags in Craft/Twig template

{{ entry.houseDescription|replace('/<[^\\/>][^>]*><\\/[^>]+>/', '')|raw }}
  1. The replace filter /<[^\\/>][^>]*><\\/[^>]+>/ searches for empty tags and removes them.
  2. The raw filter stops Twig from escaping HTML tags.

Regular expression test (RegExr)


I don't think you can - by hand is the only way I've found!

  • Thx, your are right. I posted my "by hand" solution as answer.
    – Mario
    Jan 18, 2017 at 15:41

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