The rich text editor redactor is adding in additional p tags to rich text content. Is there a way to modify this so it accepts the unmodified HTML but still has the advantage of WYSIWYG editing?

Perhaps it is fixed in version 10.0.1 as I see Craft uses v9.2.6 of this editor. Will it be upgraded perhaps to test?

Update: This seems to be part of the config: http://imperavi.com/redactor/docs/settings/clean/#setting-replaceDivs

I believe we should be able to turn on/off some things. e.g. http://imperavi.com/redactor/docs/settings/clean/#setting-removeEmpty http://imperavi.com/redactor/docs/settings/clean/#setting-paragraphize

  • Do I get this right, you want to enter/edit HTML code in rich text fields?
    – carlcs
    Oct 10, 2014 at 10:24
  • Nup - I can do that already. The problem is toggling between code/wysiwyg is adding p tags in place of my div tags.
    – Ryan
    Oct 12, 2014 at 6:34

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http://imperavi.com/redactor/docs/settings/clean/#setting-replaceDivs http://imperavi.com/redactor/docs/settings/clean/#setting-removeEmpty http://imperavi.com/redactor/docs/settings/clean/#setting-paragraphize


    buttons: ['html','formatting','bold','italic','unorderedlist','orderedlist','link','image','video', 'table'],
    plugins: ['fullscreen'],
    toolbarFixedBox: true,
    paragraphize: false,
    replaceDivs: false

Edit: This bug also happens in the most recent version of Redactor as seen on their example page.

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