I make request from my localhost(gulp server) to example domain in to VerifyPassword controller. When i make request without headers: {'X-Requested-With': 'XMLHttpRequest'}, It comes as expected 400 Bad request

        url: 'http://example/index.php/actions/users/verifyPassword',
        type: 'POST',
        data: $data,
        xhrFields: {
            withCredentials: true
        success(data, response) {
            console.log(data, response);
        error(data, response) {
            console.log(response, data);

When i make request with headers: {'X-Requested-With': 'XMLHttpRequest'} comes response XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://example/index.php/actions/users/verifyPassword. Response for preflight is invalid (redirect), and are not sent cookies. Done OPTIONS preflight request without cookies and server comes 302 and redirect to example/login. How To be?


  • Sounds like you need to set some access control headers? stackoverflow.com/a/33645878/684
    – Brad Bell
    Commented Apr 21, 2016 at 17:47
  • No, it has long been set in htaccess. Commented Apr 21, 2016 at 21:24
  • 1
    try setting crossDomain: true, as well
    – Brad Bell
    Commented Apr 21, 2016 at 22:44
  • No Brad, I tried does not help, the server most likely does not correctly handle a request preflight Commented Apr 21, 2016 at 23:10
  • 1
    Does it work if you post to a controller action that allows anonymous access? Pretty sure the issue is that there isn't a valid authenticated session for the domain you're posting to.
    – Brad Bell
    Commented Apr 24, 2016 at 23:10

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Looking further into the problem, I've found that the page tries to do a post request to the other domain. It calls upon the action function in the UsersController.php file (Location: /craft/app/controllers/)

But because the user isn't logged in on the other domain and anonymous access isn't allowed for this action. You get redirected to /login to login on that domain.


The developers managed to solve this problem? This applies to almost all controllers require session.

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