Hi I m using elementapi plugin to create an json object from my elements. I would like to get all entries, but not those ones who have a children.

My criteria it looks like this now

'elementType' => 'Entry',
'criteria' => ['section' => ['pages', 'home']],
'transformer' => function (EntryModel $entry) {

this returns all entries. For example I have one single home and some other pages the result looks like this:

About us <- this one has children
Contact us

I would like to have result like this

About us
Contact us

Is it possible to achieve this whit some criteria attribute. I've already tried to add level, like this

'criteria' => ['section'=>['pages','home'], 'level'=>'!=2' ]

not working

'criteria' => ['section'=>['pages','home'], 'level'=>1 ]

it's working but returns only pages not giving me the home section

I've tried hasChildren, hasDescendants none of this is working.

If someone can help, thank you in advance.

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So after some rest, I did find the solution as follow:

'criteria' => ['section' => ['pages', 'home'], 'level'=>array(null,1)]

This gives me the desire result.

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