I am brand new to craft and have loved it so far. Only area that I'm having a hard time understanding is why I cannot use my template variables in my templates.

I am routing news/ to an action which then uses the renderTemplate() method to do just that...render the template. The result is sent to the browser but it is accompanied by the following php error:

Fatal error: Cannot declare class Craft\WassermanNewsVaraible, because the name 
is already in use in /usr/share/nginx/craft/plugins/myPlugin/variables/MyPluginVariable.php on line 5

So that tells me that the class is obviously already declared somewhere. If so how can I access it? I am currently trying to access it as the documentation describes and is shown below:

{% for item in craft.myPlugin.myMethod() %}
{% endfor %}

Here is my template variable class which is in myPlugin/variables/

namespace Craft;

class MyPluginVaraible
    public function myMethod(){
        craft()->myPlugin->myMethod(); //which is in the service

Is there a difference between how templates are rendered via controllers as opposed to the regular behavior? I saw that the method had a second parameter however I still could not insatiate my template variables to pass that way as it was still already declared somewhere.

I've been banging away at this one for a while. Any help or insight would be much appreciated.

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MyPluginVaraible Note the spelling of the highlighted word...


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