I have 4 main template folders, under the /craft folder (each template folder works for another subdomain).

Now, I do have per template folder, a few variables that I like to have shared amongst all templates underneath it.

Such as:

{% set projectsGroup = "projectsWeather" %}
{% set sliderGroup = "sliderWeather" %}
{% set faqGroup = "faqWeather" %}

Which are different, per template folder.

Now, when I put these variables at the top of my master _layout file, this gets shared nicely amongst all templates -- that is, for those that use this _layout file.

I do however also have a few json generation template files, that can not use the _layout file.

My question now is how to elegantly assign these variables, and do this only once.

I can not stick them in a separate file and just use "include" or "extend", because then _layout either ignores or complains.

Any ideas?


Add them to the environmentVariables section of your config file, and retrieve them using the craft.config template tag.

For example:

// Config 
"environmentVariables" => [
    "color" => "blue",

// Template
{{ craft.config.environmentVariables.color }}
  • Thanks for this. I was hoping for a more isolated solution (per template folder), but this will do fine as well.
    – tom
    Apr 15 '17 at 22:24
  • You can create nested arrays in the environment variables array, to "scope" your variables.. Apr 15 '17 at 22:26

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