I need to show a list of users (around 400). No problem, the list loads in 1.5s, for which I could use {% cache %} to speed it up. Now, the problem arises whenever I want to display the title of an entry related to the user. The log shows 400 extra queries, so a query per user, if I do this:

{% for user in user %}
    {{ user.relationFieldName.first() }}
{% endfor %}

This seems a bit faster, but not fast:

{% for user in user %}
    {{ user.relationFieldName.find()[0] }}
{% endfor %}

Is there a way to get this information directly when querying for users? Or is there another way to speed this up?

Would eager loading these relations through a plugin help? And if so, what service/model/record would I have to extend to go about this?

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You could use a template hook to eager load the related data from a plugin and cache the results for future requests.

  • I'm especially interested in the eager loading part. Could you give an example of how to do that? Can't seem to get it working. I have some criteria (group, limit f.i.) and want users with related entries. A little help to get me on the right path would be greatly appreciated!
    – Paul
    Commented Aug 20, 2015 at 18:41

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