I have a plugin. In this plugin I did elementtype which extends the user one, but with only one source "clients". I have and New Client button which points to my plugin Plugin_ClientController which looks like this:

class Plugin_ClientController extends UsersController

    public function actionIndex( array $variables = array() ) {



    public function renderTemplate($path, array $variables = array()) {

        $path = str_replace('users/', 'plugin/client/', $path);
        parent::renderTemplate($path, $variables);



I don't know if this is the right way to do this, but it seems to work, so like this I can have my one view for Client edit, which is almost the same as users one.

My elementtype is look like this:

class Plugin_ClientElementType extends UserElementType

    public function getSources($context = null)
        $sources = array(
            '*' => array(
                'label'    => Craft::t('Clients'),
                'criteria'  => array('groupId' => 1),
                'hasThumbs' => true
        return $sources;


So all fine up to here. The problem is in that list: enter image description here

where I list all my clients the url on the title in my case now User1 is pointing to admin/users/[ID] I would like to change it to plugin/client/[ID] if that possible I know that it has to be in the model like this:

class Pluign_ClientModel extends UserModel

    protected $elementType = 'Plugin_Client';

    public function getCpEditUrl()
        return UrlHelper::getCpUrl('plugin/client/' . $this->id);


But it seems that it's not coming from there. If someone can help me with this would be great. Thank you in advance.

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I found the solution of this was under my nose,

I added this

public function populateElementModel($row){

  $model = Plugin_ClientModel::populateModel($row);
  return $model;


In Plugin_ClientElementType and then getCpEditUrl() it works.

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